ASU to end in-person learning after Thanksgiving break, make fall graduation virtual

Arizona State University will not continue holding in-person classes after Thanksgiving break this year, the school announced on Sept. 18.

Final exam week was originally scheduled Dec. 7 to Dec. 12, but has now been pushed up to the week of Nov. 30. Thanksgiving break falls on Nov. 26 and 27, so the semester will now end a week earlier than planned.

"All instruction after the Thanksgiving break will be remote," according to a letter from Univeristy Provost Mark Searle.

Officials did not specify the reason for this change.

Fall 2020 commencement ceremonies will also be online due to "current health circumstances."

"We regret that current health circumstances will not permit us to host in-person commencement ceremonies in December," the statement read. "Our fall 2020 university commencement ceremony and special interest convocations scheduled for the week of December 14 will be converted to a virtual format."

Read the full announcement here.

For junior, Brandon Bandak, who's majoring in aerospace engineering, it'll be tough because he has labs to attend which can't be done online.

He's now a rush for the university to make sure all labs are complete before the break.

"At this rate, it's probably better because the numbers keep going up, but it makes learning a lot harder. So kind of sucks, but can't do anything about it," he said.


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