ASU's Gammage plans to renovate and add bathrooms

Gammage Auditorium holds about 2,800 people for performances, and at issue is if there are enough bathrooms for women. The auditorium has two dozen bathroom stalls for women.

The lines at ASU's Gammage Auditorium will soon be much shorter, the bathroom lines that is. The venue's Elevate and Alleviate campaign hopes to tackle that problem.

"We're finally going to get the thing that we've wanted forever, and more than anything women have wanted forever, we're going to get more restrooms," said Victor Hamburger.

Victor Hamburger is the Senior Director of Marketing and Communications at ASU Gammage. He says the 9.2 million dollar campaign will pay for two new elevators and 70 new women's bathroom stalls.

The main level of Gammage only has two restrooms and only one person can go at a time. So as you might imagine the line backs up pretty quickly.

"Occasionally some people will miss the beginning of the second act because of the lines for the bathroom," said Hamburger.

Hamburger adds that the new additions will be free standing, preserving Frank Lloyd Wright's original work. With more elevators and ADA seating, and with more women's toilets, fewer ladies will be glaring at the always empty men's room.

ASU Gammage is very close to meeting its fundraising goal, they are just $500,000 away. Gammage plans to break ground on the project in June and hopes to have it completed by the end of March 2017.