ATV sales steady in Arizona as people look for ways to enjoy the outdoors

With closures due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people are thinking outside of the box for a new way to spend their time, and it turns out in Arizona, many of those people decided to hit the trails on four wheels.

A local ATV dealership has had trouble keeping items in stock and have seen many customers, new and old.

"Our slower season is usually in the summer because it’s really hot, and this year we were steady. Business didn’t stop," said Katie Hemenover, internet sales manager with RideNow Powersports Chandler.

Kyle Lewellen, sales manager at RideNow Powersports Chandler, says business remains steady because of the pandemic.

"The way our world has turned is due to the fact that people want to get out and adventure and social distance. People that have never been in our industry are now seeking adventure and they come to RideNow Powersports Chandler to get that," Lewellen said.

There’s been an increase in sales for everything from dirt bikes, to single riding vehicles and ATV's, but what most families are buying are these side by sides," he explained.

There’s also been an uptick in internet sales and many of these customers are new to the industry.

"We’re collecting deposits on things before they even get here and as soon as they hit the floor, they are pretty much sold," Hemenover said.

People from other states are coming to buy the ATV's, and good news, they are hiring.