Autopsy report released in police-involved shooting death; no charges for officer

There are new details about the officer-involved shooting that sparked protests in Phoenix earlier this year.

A Phoenix officer shot an unarmed black man back in December.

On Wednesday, the Maricopa County Attorney's Office said the officer will not face any charges.

That decision was based on the police report, as well as the results of the autopsy. Both documents were released Wednesday.

Radio traffic was also released from the Phoenix Police Department of the encounter that quickly turned deadly.

Warning: the audio in the story may be disturbing, viewer discretion is advised.

In an audio recording, you hear a frantic call of an officer-involved shooting from officer Mark Rine, just moments after he shot and killed 34-year-old Rumain Brisbon.

"He's bleeding in front of the door, I got him at gunpoint, there's a 101 (Woman) here with her kid," said Brisbon on the audio recording.

The official autopsy shows two gunshot wounds, one at close range in the back right shoulder, and one in the front lower torso at an undetermined range.

Dr. Philip Keen, the former Maricopa County Chief Medical Examiner, performed the independent autopsy for Brisbon's family. Keen said the county's report is consistent with his own.

"We don't have bruises, we don't have cuts, we don't have abrasions, we don't have patterned injuries like if they were fighting or struck with a police baton, we just have gunshot wounds," said Dr. Philip Keen.

The autopsy showed Brisbon had traces of marijuana in his urine, but Keen said Brisbon wasn't high.

"You can find evidence of marijuana three weeks after the person has used it," said Keen.

Phoenix Police said Officer Rine shot the unarmed man during a struggle. Investigators say the officer believed he felt the handle of a gun in Brisbon's pocket, but it turned out it was a bottle of pills.

In the radio traffic, you can hear the officer's first account of what allegedly happened.

"In the apartment, we fought outside, it carried inside, he dumped the pill bottle inside," said Brisbon on the recording.

The struggle, according to the recording time is less than 30 seconds long. Brisbon died at the scene.

"He's dying relatively quickly because of the blood loss in the wound path," said Keen.

Phoenix Police declined to give a statement, saying their internal investigation is not complete.