Avondale officers honored for saving man's life

AVONDALE, Ariz. (KSAZ) - An honor fit for three heroes. Avondale officers Stewart, Alt and Hammill were celebrated with a life-saving award on Wednesday.

In the moment, there was doubt and as we continued to work together, all of that doubt went out the window and that doubt turned into hope," Russell Stewart said.

"It was one of those times when you get that amazing feeling," Brian Hammill said. "It was something that we don't get to see very often!"

On June 5, the officers received a call to Candy and Donald Miller's home. Seventy-four-year-old Donald was lying on the floor, gasping for air when the officers found his wife, Candy, performing chest compressions on him.

"They just gave me peace and I knew that they were in control and that they were trained in doing what they were trained to do," Candy Miller said.

Within minutes, officers were able to regain Donald's pulse and quickly get him to a nearby hospital. Donald says without the officers and his wife's efforts, he would not be alive today.

"Pride," he said. "I'm so thankful for what these officers did and of course my wife, she keeps reminding me that she saved my life."

The couple says the life-saving award is only a small token of what the officers have given them.

What are the officers really grateful for?

"It was gratifying, I mean they just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary together and we were apart of that and that actually helps me sleep at night," Stewart said.

Donald and Candy are celebrating yet another precious moment that they will never forget, thanks to the heroes.