AZ freeway shootings: Leslie Merritt Jr. suing state, county

The man who was once accused of being the prime suspect in several shootings on Arizona freeways last year is now suing the state and county.

Jason Lamm, the attorney for Leslie Merritt Jr., announced on Twitter Wednesday morning that his client is filing a lawsuit against the State of Arizona, Maricopa County and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery.

Merritt was charged in four of 11 confirmed freeway shootings that terrorized the valley last year, but after spending several months in jail, Merritt was released in April after a judge lowered his bond to $0.

When Merritt was arrested in September of 2015, detectives believed he was forensically linked to four of the shootings, however, Merritt maintained his innocence.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety says although he has been released from jail, Merritt could be charged once again in the freeway shootings.