Banner Health introduces new program for expecting moms

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Banner hospitals are launching a doula program which offers expecting moms the best birth experience by being able to choose to have a labor support system, also known as a doula.

"We're trying to look for a way that we could build our relationships and to work more collaboratively together, so we're like what can we offer them," said Dr. Christina Tuss, a Banner Health registered nurse.

A doula, a certified, second-hand to the midwife, is more of an emotional support system for moms, to help make deliveries easier and faster.

"Especially for first-time mom and dads," said Michelle Davis, a certified nurse midwife. "They have no idea what to do and basically having that second support person to support both mom and dad, it's a great thing for them."

Catering more to the preferences of expecting and new moms, Banner Health says the doula program will be a helpful resource for the Valley.

"It's kind of like having a day-of wedding coordinator, you have someone there that day that's there to keep you calm and walk you through everything, and they know the ropes," said Bailey Nirider, a certified doula.

Over 80,000 babies were born in Arizona last year and medical experts say having a doula is shown to reduce labor times by 25% and minimize the chances of needing a C-section by 51%.