Beware of SRP scams this Memorial Day weekend

SRP is warning Arizona customers to be aware of utility scams during the Memorial Day weekend.

Officials say the most common scheme involves scammers who pretend to work for the utility company, demanding money and threatening disconnection if customers don't comply.

"We typically see an increase in utility scam activity during holiday weekends and in the summer, when customers are more likely to be distracted," said Zack Thompson, SRP Manager of Residential Call Center in a statement. "Our main advice is for customers to hang up and call SRP if they feel something is off. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to answer questions and provide assistance."

SRP says it will never pressure their customers to make an immediate payment, and residents will receive multiple notices before their service is shut off.

Additionally, the utility company does not accept payments through money apps or cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Anyone who gets a suspicious call is asked to hang up and call SRP directly at 602-236-8888.