Bird e-scooter explodes in Mesa apartment as it was being charged

MESA, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- A woman who was charging a Bird e-scooter said the scooter exploded in a Mesa apartment over the weekend.

People may have seen the popular rental scooters around the Valley, and Brittany Harb said she charges the scooters to make extra money to pay for college, and to pay for her upcoming wedding. Harb said she never thought her side job would end up like this.

Harb said the incident happened at around 7:00 a.m., and Mesa Fire officials said it happened on November 4th. The e-scooter can be seen, still smoldering, after he was brought outside of the apartment.

"There was a big bang," said Harb. "I thought something had just fallen over, so I didn't get up immediately. I did walk out about 10 minutes later, and walked out to a smoke-filled apartment."

Harb told Mesa Fire Department crews she pulled the scooter out of a pool the day before the fire, and she followed all the instructions on how to dry it before plugging the scooter in. After it exploded in her apartment,Harb tried to use the fire extinguisher before putting the scooter outside.

In a statement sent Monday afternoon, Mesa Fire officials confirmed that crews were sent out, and that by the time crews arrived, someone put a dry chemical on the scooter. Crews applied more water, as the smoldering got worse with the wind.

"My biggest concern was getting it out of the apartment," said Harb. "I was, like, I need to get this out of here."

Harb has asthma, so she has to wear a mask because of the residue from the fire extinguisher. Fortunately, she and her fiance have rental insurance, but for now, they are looking for another place to stay.

"There's no way we're getting the fire extinguisher out of our furniture, out of our couches, we have electronic equipment," said Harb.

Luckily no one was hurt in this incident. Meanwhile, FOX 10 has reached out to Bird, and company officials released the following statement.