Blood centers encourage donations in case of shortage due to coronavirus

Because of the coronavirus, there are reports of blood donations dwindling in certain parts of the country. In the Phoenix area, the lack of donations hasn't hit here as of yet, and those with Vitalant are hoping to get ahead of a potential shortage.

It takes about 600 donations a day to keep up with demand locally and typically during flu season, which are still in, Vitalant sees a dip in donations. 

The blood bank wants to remind people that just because of this virus, that it doesn't mean the need for blood goes down. Blood center employees are hoping to expel any misconceptions about blood donations during this time.

"Sometimes people think their immune system might be affected by giving blood, but that's not the case so it's safe along those lines. So far there's been no known transmission of the [coronavirus] through blood transfusions," says Brad Daughtry with Vitalant Southwest Division.

Vitalant is asking anyone who is healthy to donate blood to keep the supply up. They do screen people before donating to make sure they're healthy enough.