Body cam video shows man holding baby tased by Tempe Police during domestic violence call

Tempe Police responded to a family's claims that a father and young child were hurt after the man was tased by officers.

The man was holding a 1-year-old at the time. The family claims the child ended up being shocked by the taser as well, but police say there is no evidence the child was hurt. 

Body camera video of the incident back in June shows police responding to the domestic violence call near Priest and Elliot. 

When officers entered the home, they say Ivaughn Oakry was combative when they tried to question him. He picked up his son and refused to put him down.

After several attempts to get Oakry to put the baby down, the video shows officers tasing him. He falls into a pile of clothes.

Tempe Police Chief Sylvia Moir says the officers did everything they could to make sure that the child would not get hurt. Paramedic evaluated the child and he was not hurt. 

"The officers used the lasers on their taser to identify a location in which to deploy the tasers and they deployed the tasers striking the suspect and only the suspect," said Chief Sylvia. 

Oakry was taken into custody and is accused of domestic violence.