Body camera footage released in officer involved shooting

Back in May, police say 40-year-old Dennis Lee Burnette was shot by police after causing several hit and run crashes in the east valley while driving a stolen truck.

Four months later the sights and sounds of that chaotic night have been released.

In a time where tensions are running high surrounding officer-involved shootings, it's important now more than ever for those in uniform to have a body camera, with the hope that justice will take focus.

"The truck is gone, the truck that caused the accident is gone," said the 9-1-1 caller.

9-1-1 calls and body cameras showed exactly what Scottsdale Police were up against on May 22, hours after the suspect Dennis Lee Burnette caused two hit and run crashes he was surrounded and arrested.

According to court documents just before the video started, an officer ordered Burnette not to move, but when he tried to run the officer over, that officer opened fire hitting Burnette three times.

A video like this incident may encourage more officers to equip themselves with body cameras, because even though the footage might not be pretty, it's one more important step toward transparency with the public.

Officers said when Burnette was taken into custody he was in critical, but stable condition. He's currently housed in the Maricopa County Jail system.