Bound and shot: Phoenix mother's death still unsolved 48 years later

It's been 48 years since a Phoenix mother was found shot and tied up inside a gas station and her daughter, who was a teen at the time, wants answers.

A Silent Witness flyer for Nancy Hartley shows the 47-year-old with a beehive hairdo, sparkly black framed glasses, and pearl drop earrings. It also gives the little known details surrounding her death on March 12, 1975.

"The victim was shot during the armed robbery of a gas station and died hours later at the hospital. The victim worked at the gas station as a clerk and was found by customers with a gunshot wound and her ankles bound," the flyer read.

The shooting happened at a Pasco Self Serve Gas Station – that's no longer there – around 5:30 p.m near McDowell Road and 35th Avenue. Now, a parking lot and water jug refill stop has replaced the gas station.

The suspects are described only as black teens. Now that time has passed, they'd be around 63 to 65 years old.

It’s also possible that they were students at nearby Carl Hayden Community High School.

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Photo courtesy of Vickie Goulette

‘I would like answers before I die’

"Sometimes it feels like last week," says her daughter Vickie Goulette.

There’s one day she always dreads seeing on the calendar.

"March 12 every year is difficult," she said. "It will be 48 years ago tomorrow."

That's 48 years of not knowing who’s responsible.

"I would like answers before I die," the pleading daughter said.

Goulette says her mother was a loving woman and that "she was just a very, very good woman."

A devout Christian, she says her mom was expected that evening at 35th Avenue Baptist Church.

"She was due to get off work in 20 minutes to go to Wednesday night prayer service," Goulette said. She never made it.

Her funeral highlighted the type of person Hartley was.

"She was very well liked," her daughter said. "The funeral was standing room only."

Throughout the years, Goulette says she's carried the pain with her family. Her dad and brother are now gone.

"I’m the only one left to try to get justice for my mom," she remarked.

She's begging anyone out there with any information to come foreword.

"Think about if it was your mom. Would you not want an answer?" she said.

If you have any information about this case, call Silent Witness. You can remain anonymous and receive a cash award for tips leading to an arrest or indictment.