Boy with autism gets yummy surprise during yard sale

It's always incredible and heartwarming to see others go out of their way to help someone else. The deed doesn't have to be out of this world or anything extreme. Sometimes, it's simply putting a smile on someone else's face, fulfilling a small request, or making others realize they're just as important as anyone else on this planet.

We like to call those moments "acts of kindness." You've heard the term before and with social media spreading stories like wildfire, you may read about one, or even a couple, a day. But they tend to hit close to home when these good deeds literally happen close to home.

And believe us, no good deed goes unnoticed. When those stories are shared with us, we love to spread the joy!

Our viewer, Jennifer Jones in Winder, put smiles on our faces with her story that involves a sweet 12-year-old named Terell, a yard sale, and Nick the pizza delivery man.

Jennifer's story about her son Terell--and his new buddy Nick--is sure to make you smile too...and maybe even make you a little hungry!

Terell has autism...and boy, does he love his pizza and poppers!! Here's their story...

Genuine Act Of Kindness I wanted to share with everyone ☺️

So on Sunday during our yard sale this guy stopped by with his mom to look around. He works for papa johns in winder! Soon as Terell seen the sign on the car he came running out placing a order. He said I want a large pizza with chicken poppers! This nice gentlemen name Nick said ok buddy you got it! I will bring u back a pizza! Well as e veryone knows you can't tell Terell you are going to do something and not do it! I talked to nick and explained Terell is autistic and u can't say you are going to do something and not do it! He completely understood! Said it was no problem getting him a pizza! About 30 mins later this super nice guy showed back up at our house with a large pepperoni pizza and chicken poppers!! At no charge!!!!! That's going above and beyond customer service!!! I think this is totally awesome! It's not every day u meet someone that's willing to go out of their way to make someone else's day! Needless to say Terell was beyond excited!!! Thank u Nick for bringing Terell his favorite pizza!! You are awesome!!!

This post has been shared over 700 times on Facebook I would love for him to be recognized for his kindness to my son who has Autism! It's not every day u meet someone like this! Please share our story! With so much bad going on in the world this positive is much needed!! Thank u for reading our story!

Nick, we salute you!! You made everyone's day...especially Terell's!