'Bring Giraffie Home': Woman looking for daughter's giraffe doll that was left behind at Sky Harbor

A photo of Andrea Conder's daughter holding Giraffie while taking a photo with Santa Claus. (Photo Courtesy: Andrea Conder/Magdalena Oborski)

A Colorado woman is trying to reunite her daughter with a giraffe doll that is her "best friend and constant companion".

According to a post made by Andrea Conder on her Facebook profile, she was traveling home from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport at around 3:30 p.m. on New Year's Eve when her daughter lost "Giraffie" at Terminal 4's Gate A6.

In an undated photo, Andrea Conder's daughter holds Giraffie (Photo Courtesy: Andrea Conder)

"We have filed reports with PHX Sky Harbor, TSA, and American Airlines but with no luck," Conder wrote.

FOX 10 spoke with Conder Thursday, who said her daughter started to cry when she boarded the plane, after realizing she became separated with the animal doll. Conder believes her daughter may have stashed Giraffie at a gift shop while looking at something else with her father. The doll went missing after the family went through security.

Conder also said she tried to give her daughter a replacement giraffe lovee doll, but she rejected all of them, including an identical one, before crying herself to sleep. Now, she is trying to enlist the help of others on social media to help bring Giraffie home.

A pile of what Andrea Conder says is giraffe dolls rejected by her daughter. (Photo Courtesy: Andrea Conder)