Buckeye police investigating burglaries of two businesses

BUCKEYE, Ariz. (FOX 10) - Police are on the hunt for burglars who broke into two businesses in the small town of Buckeye.

They say it happened within the same hour, and their crimes were all captured on camera.

Video of the burglaries was taken at about 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday night. Two men were seen breaking into Domino's Pizza on Miller Road in Buckeye. The burglars pried through the back door.

Despite the alarm going off, the men make their way in the office to get to their end goal - the safe where thieves are hoping to find money.

Now, they didn't use any fancy tools to open the safe like in the movies. Nope - using a basic sledgehammer - they try to smash their way into the safe, striking it again and again, and again.

After about five minutes of trying with no luck, they drag the sage out of the office and out the door. Buckeye Police say once they arrived, the men had already fled.

Since the burglars both wore baseball caps, it was hard to identify their faces. Detectives are hoping their mannerisms may be recognizable to those who know them.

Police say those two men did the exact same thing at Verrado's Coffee Company in Buckeye just 30 minutes later. Inside, they were successfully able to smash their way through the safe and take the cash, according to police.