Buckeye seeing impact from proposed Interstate 11 freeway

Preliminary plans for the new Phoenix to Las Vegas freeway have been announced, and hearings have begun to finalize the route.

When fully completed, Interstate 11 will link Mexico to Canada via Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Currently, environmental impact studies are expected to last at least another two years, until plans are finalized.

In Arizona, a portion of I-11 is planned to pass west of phoenix, right through the City of Buckeye. The city is getting ready for the freeway, in a big way.

"As the commercial starts coming in, that's going to increase even more development throughout the area," said realtor Deanne Fry. Buckeye has been a city for over two years. Besides being the largest city, by land mass, in Maricopa County, it is also the fastest growing city in Arizona.

"It's going to be a huge economic boom for the City of Buckeye because it's going to bring in more commercial and industrial businesses, which is going to create more jobs, which is going to create more retail and create more residential folks coming to Buckeye," said Annie De Chance, the Communications Director for the City of Buckeye.

Signs of the freeway's impact on the city can be seen in many places, literally, in the form of "land for sale" signs that could align with the new Phoenix to Las Vegas freeway. Fry said an acre of land in Buckeye that was sold for $11,000 four years ago, now costs $40,000.

Buyers may want to remain anonymous, but the the builders are already here. Permits jumped 46% in just one year for single family homes.

"If you are looking to purchase some land for future investment, absolutely look where Interstate 11 is going," said Fry. Get involved and help us support our state.