Bulk trash pickup in Phoenix is changing, here's what you need to know

For those that use bulk trash pick up in the city of Phoenix, there are changes coming to the program.

The city of Phoenix picks up bulk trash quarterly for its residents, but beginning September 30, the city is switching to appointment-based collection.

"It's more convenient for the customer. They can make an appointment and tell us when they're ready to have a collection made, and we will route our crews to come and collect those piles," Lorizelda Stoeller, Deputy Director of the city of Phoenix Public Works says.

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Customers will still get four pickups per year and, using an online portal, those pickups can be scheduled whenever you want.

The pickups can be based around individual projects, yard work or to collect storm damage. 

What are residents saying?

Some residents are embracing the change, like Katie Robison.

"I'm excited about it because it will help me be motivated to clean out more and not just, like, wait until there's a bulk trash pick up coming because it was once a quarter," Robison said. "I think this being when I need it could be more helpful, really."

The change is also more efficient for the city.

"We're also taking advantage of some of the technology available to us in the industry," Stoeller said. "We can just work smarter and really route the cruise accordingly so they're not driving up and down every street in Phoenix looking for piles. Now you know exactly where to go."

What about during the holidays? 

There will be blackout dates around the holidays. This will help keep streets clear when the family is in town or when there's trick-or-treaters out and about.

"You'd have every house with a pile of bulk pick-ups. So, I think this will also benefit to have cleaner streets and not just one week of craziness," Robison said.

Appointment pick-ups begin in August.