Buried Treasure: Man discovers $2,000 in cash from 1934 hidden under his porch in Wildwood

No metal detector needed in this treasure hunt! One man just stumbled upon piles and piles of cash hidden beneath his Wildwood home.

Rich Gilson was in the process of making major renovations on his Andrews Avenue home when he made the shocking discovery.

"I thought it was trash," Gilson explained.

To his surprise, the homeowner had actually dug up two tightly wound cigar-shaped rolls of cash filled with 10s and 20s. Taking inflation into account, all that cash would be worth nearly $43,000.

"My wife was in there painting and I said you got to come see this, you won’t believe what I just found," he said.

More than $2,000 dollars in cash - that's what he found! Each bill in pristine condition, and all minted in 1934. 


"Either somebody robbed a bank and buried it there, or somebody didn’t trust the banks in 1934 during the height of the depression," he questioned.

Believe it or not, Gilson says he’s not going to spend any of his new-found cash. To him, the $2,000 is well worth the story!