Canal Murders: Suspect arrested more than 20 years later

For the third day in a row, detectives combed through mounds of trash and other items at the Phoenix home of the canal murders suspect Bryan Patrick Miller. Because of the hoarding like conditions, that process will take several more days.

And as all this police work continues we're learning more about Miller's violent past and several run-in's with the police.

Miller was arrested last week in connection with the brutal murder of two women in Phoenix in the early 90's.

Court documents reveal details about two other stabbing incidents involving weapon taking place before and after those canal murders. The two women he's accused of murdering were stabbed. Now we've learned Miller was accused of stabbing two women before and after the canal murders, they survived.

On a Facebook fan page of his, Bryan Patrick Miller is seen dressed in his zombie hunter gear. Written below his name in Welsh are two words that translate to "Lucky Duck."

Miller had run-in's with the law while he was in high school. At the age of 17, he was arrested for stabbing a woman at a Phoenix mall. "In 1989, we were looking at a crime where a woman was stabbed at Paradise Valley Mall that was not with these cases but was behavior that was linked to this individual we came up with," said Sgt. Trent Crump.

Miller served time for that time until he was 18. He's now accused of the 1992 and 1993 murders of Angela Brosso and Melanie Burnas. Police say both were stabbed and one was decapitated.

A few years after the murders, Miller moved to Everett, Washington where he was charged with assault in 2002. Court documents show he took a woman to his work and stabbed her in the back with a 12 inch serrated knife. She survived the attack, and Miller was reportedly acquitted in the attack after he had claimed she tried to rob him.

Police say it was this disturbing criminal activity that led them to take another look at Miller in connection with the murders of Brosso and Burnas.

Miller moved back to Arizona shortly after the Washington incident and hasn't had any known run-in's with law enforcement until his arrest for the murders, Tuesday. He denies any involvement in the murders of the two valley women.