Car nearly drives into house in Tempe

A speeding car barreled into a block wall of a Tempe home's front yard, sending two of its occupants to the hospital in very serious condition.

It happened where Mill Avenue turns into East Cornell Drive, a section of roadway where residents say people drive too fast, and where this sort of thing happens way too often.

"I was sleeping, and it shook me," said Marilyn Barrington.

Barrington says she's still shaken by the impact she felt shortly after 2 a.m. Thursday.

"I looked out my back window to see what my cats had done, but it wasn't the cats, it was this out there," said Barrington.

A white Chevrolet Monte Carlo came to rest on its side, but only after smashing through the wall in Barrington's front yard. Tempe Police say the driver was going too fast, lost control, and hit a wall. The passenger was thrown from the car and found in the street says the driver had to be cut out by Tempe Fire.

"I didn't hear the skidding of the tires; I just heard the boom, boom, boom kind of thing. They're just coming from Mill Avenue, I think they lost control, they went over that hill tried to spin around, you can still see the tire tracks from two months ago," said Izzak Cimmer-Bowser.

Several years back another car came barreling off Mill into Barrington's back wall and nearly her pool. Her husband had rail tracks installed to keep anyone from hitting the house.

"He did it because there had been several accidents out here, we didn't have speed bumps, we had an accident every so often it made him nervous, and he had them put in," said Barrington.

The steel rail tracks remained in place and were visible once the car and debris were removed. Now the Barrington's are wondering what else they have to do to slow drivers down.

Tempe Police believes impairment played a role in the crash.