Caraway not happy with Pleasant Grove video showing car stunts, gunfire

With all the smoke and gunfire, a now-viral Facebook post looks like a scene out of the Wild West -- but it's not. It's last Sunday night in Pleasant Grove.

Dozens gathered to do stunts and donuts in the parking lot at Buckner Boulevard and Bruton Road, with dozens more watching on. Residents say the stunting is typical.

"Every single weekend, there's like car starting around out here," said neighbor Bryan Lara.

Even a barrage of gunfire doesn't surprise some of them.

"I mean it's Pleasant Grove, it's natural. It just depends on how long you been living here," said the man who shot the video and asked to remain anonymous. "The only reason I come out here is, really, it's more entertaining than the news."

Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwayne Caraway wasn't happy with what he saw in the video.

"There should not be any type of activity such as this anywhere within the city of Dallas," Caraway said. "Unfortunately, lives are in danger. You have young underage kids that are out here, you have folks that are shooting clearly with pistols in the air, you have more than 50 rounds of shots that I can count."

At the end of the video, people can be heard scrambling and saying the police are coming. But Dallas police say they only received one 911 call about shots being fired.

"Most people just try to mind their own business, they just look the other way," said neighbor Henry Smith.

FOX4 found more than a dozen spent shell casing in the lot where the video was shot.

"There should be police there," Caraway said. "I, I, I am puzzled. I am actually puzzled. And something will be said about it and we'll have discussions about it, and I think next Sunday won't be like this."