Carry The Load stops in Phoenix on 4,600-mile route to honor nation's heroes

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Memorial Day is just around the corner and one national non-profit is honoring all military, past, present, and future in a big way.

Carry The Load offers the public a chance to say thank you in a unique way by participating in a 4,600-mile journey. You can run, bike, walk, or simply just cheer them on.

Since 2011, Carry The Load, a non-profit based in Texas, has made it their mission to honor all the military, veterans, and first responders who have laid their lives down for our freedom.

Relay director Matt Fryman says he believes it's our duty to give back to those who have given up everything for us.

"It's a thankless job what they do, especially nowadays with our military being an all-volunteer force, they're out there risking their lives to protect our freedom for complete strangers," said Matt Fryman, National Relay Director.

Carry The Load events are held across the country before Memorial Day and the stop in Phoenix was part of their 4,600-miles West Coast route.

"We're walking and cycling across the country to raise awareness just around the simple fact that there are people out there every day that are sacrificing for us whether they're in the military or first responders back here at home," explained Fryman.

Father and daughter duo, Victor and Gabby, say it's imperative to pay their respects.

"It was important to come out here because my Dad is also a veteran and we just wanted to walk and participate for all the other veterans," said Gabby.

"From being a veteran, faithful service, and everything, it's just coming out and representing for the ones that aren't here with us anymore and can always be remembered and never forgotten," said Victor.