Carvana's car vending machine now open in Tempe

The owner of Carvana says the 90-foot coin-operated vending machine will change the way you buy cars.

"We wanted to make car buying fun again and when we thought about it, a pick-up experience, we didn't want it to be a dealership in disguise," Ryan Keeton said. "There are no sales people in our business. You show up and get pick up your car."

Founder of Carvana, Ryan Keeton says this is the 12th car vending machine the company has built and the largest.

Customers orders online, receive notice when their order is ready, and then they head over to the vending machine and pick up a commemorative coin.

"At this point, you put it in, you see lights change, the machine comes alive, basically this starts the whole process," Keeton said. "We are a completely vertically integrated retailer of used vehicles. We sell car lines online, more than 10,000."

Inside the vending machine, a lift heads up to retrieve the vehicle and the selection is then carefully placed on a platform and brought down.

"Once we land, the car will be brought down to the corridor," Keeton said. "They will be able to see the car come towards them. We do a fun spin with the car, send it into one of the four bays here."

The experience is meant to be fun, but also easy and hassle free where the buyer is in control.

"People have migrated to buy other things online and have started the research process of buying a car online," Keeton said. "I think we now enable people not only to find a car, a car that we certify it's never been in an accident, that comes with a seven-day return policy and we built the technology that enables you to buy it in 10 minutes."

Carvana officially opens to the public today.