Cat found alive aboard sunken boat pulled from Lake Havasu

A trapped, hungry, wet and scared cat is now safe after she was found tucked away in a sunken boat pulled from Lake Havasu.

Jon Zuccala, the owner of Dive Time Recovery, retrieved the boat from the water.

He says it had been submerged in about 15 feet of water near a sandbar, for at least an hour, before he got it out.

His company used a sonar to find the boat at night. It was covered in silt and it was dark outside.

The crew used lift bags to raise the boat out of the lake. It was later taken to a mechanic to have the water flushed out and that's when the cat was discovered.

The Western Arizona Humane Society is now caring for the feline, which has been nicknamed Lucky.

It's believed the domesticated cat made her way onto the boat before the owner went to Southern California.

Patti Gilmore, Western Arizona Humane Society's executive director, tells FOX 10 Lucky is a Tortoise Shell cat. If her owner isn't found within 72 hours, a Lake Havasu City resident is ready to adopt her.

Gilmore says one of the Humane Society's journalist friends suggested the cat be named Captain, as she went down with the ship.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.