Catholic religious relic on display at Phoenix church

Some highly sought religious artifacts are on display at a Catholic church in Phoenix, over the coming days.

The artifacts are called the St. Charbel Relics. Some people believe the relics can bring about miracles, including a woman who claims her eyesight was restored, after touching the relics in 2016.

"I had faith that god was going to hear me," said Daphne Gutierrez. She had lost her vision in both eyes by November of 2015, after she was diagnosed with intracranial hypertension.

"I remember my sister-in-law saying to my daughter, 'go tell the priest to pray for her', which he did," said Gutierrez.

Guiterrez said she immediately felt weird and began to only see shadows. She finally goes to the doctor to explain her symptoms.

"Then I go to the doctor, and they tell me you know what, no you're completely blind," said Gutierrez. "Just your imagination. You're wanting to see but I'll check back with you in 48 hours."

In that timeframe, however, Gutierrez regained 20/20 vision, in both eyes.

"I'm able to see my kids, I'm able to help them with their needs, but the most important thing is that god gave me a second chance," said Gutierrez. "I see it that way. He gave me a second chance."