Caught on Camera: man robs Subway restaurant

Caught on camera, an armed robber held up a valley Subway restaurant. But the suspect's crime spree didn't end with the robbery, now police are hoping someone can recognize this guy and put him behind bars.

The victim was a young woman working at the Subway near 75th Avenue and Cactus Saturday night. After the robbery the suspect took the clerk's car, it was abandoned a half hour later at an apartment complex near 79th Avenue and Thunderbird, about a mile away.

Surveillance cameras captured the suspect entering the store, an hour after closing. He walked up to the counter where the clerk is standing at the register. She backs away and runs to the back room. The robber fumbles around pulls a handgun out of his waistband before jumping over the counter and heading to the back room.

The panicked clerk reached for her cell phone right as the robber came around the corner and pointed the gun at her. There is some conversation, and the robber moved the gun to his left hand. The two head back out to the front counter and the clerk opens the cash register, handing over all the money inside.

A few seconds later the robber hops back over the counter, pauses to wipe down the surface, trying to get rid of handprints and shoeprints. Less than a minute and fifteen seconds later, he's on his way out of the store with a handful of stolen cash.

Police say the suspect is a white male, 5'9" tall, 185-200 pounds, wearing black pants, black shirt, and a grey "DC" baseball hat. He was last driving a stolen car, a tan 2006 Toyota Corolla with Arizona plate AJE2292.

If you have any information, you're asked to call Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.