CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Seagoville police officer rescues family from burning home

A Seagoville Police Officer's heroic rescue of a family from a burning home was all caught on camera.

Officer Sam Click was patrolling in the 700 block of Casa Grande around 1:30 Saturday morning when he saw the flames from a distance.

"It's fully engulfed. There are people inside. I need help," he can be heard saying on body cam.

Officer Click had no fire training, and in hindsight, he remembers being advised to wait for backup. But he knew there was no time and went in.

"Oh, it was hectic. It was very hectic and chaotic," said Officer Click.

Jeremy Giblainc, is a family member who lives in a separate house on the same property.

"I just kind of blacked out and instincts took over immediately, you know? I just knew I had to get my family out."

Body camera video shows Officer Click and Giblainc waking up the father, and two babies as young as 8-months-old in one room, then rescuing four boys sleeping in another room.

"I woke them up and told them we had to get out, and they all followed me. I picked up the ones I could and the ones that could walk walked," said Officer Click.

"Once he realized there were kids and babies involved, he did what he had to do," said Giblainc.

Officer Click stopped by to check on the family Sunday.

"This is just creates a whole new level of respect and thankfulness for what they do," said Giblainc

The fire marshal has not said what caused the fire. The family says there was a fire alarm inside the home, but it was not going off.

The Red Cross is assisting the family, providing food and clothing for the kids, especially as they are now back in school.