Caught on camera: Thieves steal food, iPad from valley bakery while owner was present

For the second time in as many months, a valley bakery was targeted by thieves, but this time, the suspects were caught on surveillance video and the pictures of them are pretty clear. My Gal Sal Bakery has been open for less than a year and has already been hit by thieves twice. Back in February, a burglary was also caught on camera.

What makes this case even more scary was that it happened in broad daylight and the owner was inside the business.

Take a look at the surveillance video and keep your eyes on the couple inside the bakery near 35th Avenue and Greenway. The bakery's owner is at the rear of the business talking to an electrician. While she was distracted, the female suspect heads to a display area and according to the owner, stole some baked goods. Meanwhile, her partner walked behind the counter so he can look towards the back of the shop to make sure the owner was still distracted. That's when he headed to the counter and disconnected the owner's iPad. Once it was disconnected, he put the iPad under his jacket and walked out of the bakery.

The owner is shaken up because the theft happened while she was just feet away.

If you recognize the people in the surveillance video, contact the Phoenix Police at 602-262-6151.