Chandler man's bite at the center of a mystery

A Chandler man is at the center of a mystery, as something bit him, while he was taking out the trash.

The bite reportedly gave Thomas Jay the "most excruciating pain" he has ever felt, and described the bug as a cross between a scorpion and a spider.

Besides the bug's appearance and the pain brought on by the bite, the bite also did major damage to Jay's arm, in a rapid manner. Jay was transferred from one hospital to another, and eventually arrived at a hospital that has a toxicology department.

The family was alarmed and worried, and doctors were stumped, as several worked the case in a manner rather similar to the former FOX television show "House", where they were trying to figure out what was damaging the arm.

Doctors couldn't give Jay an anti-venom, as there are thousands of possible scenarios on what caused the bite. Jay is now back with his family. Meanwhile, Jay;s wife, Deanna, said the family has learned they have an incredible community in Chandler to learn on for support, with people weighing in, as soon as she started posting pictures.

The family has started a GoFundMe account, in order to defray some of the medical costs.

GoFundMe for Jay Family