Chandler teen one of the youngest piano tuners in the country

CHANDLER, Ariz. (FOX 10) - The key to a piano being able to put out beautiful music is by keeping it in tune. There aren't a ton of piano tuners out there, but there is a teen who may be one of the youngest certified piano tuners in the country.

"What you hear here is a beat frequency up on 'E', and if you get it to four beats per second, then that means you have an in-tuned 'a'. and from 'a', you can tune the whole piano," said Matthew Albert.

Nearly five years ago, Albert fell in love with the instrument he couldn't keep his hands off of.

"From the key, you go into the whip in here, pushing up from the whip and goes into the jack, from the jack into the hammer," said Albert.

"We had a good piano, and we didn't want him to experiment on that, so we got him a very inexpensive one and said, 'knock yourself out',' said Albert's father, David Girle.

Nowadays, Albert is a certified piano tuner, and may be one of the youngest piano tuners in the country.

"Any parent wants their child to be happy and engaged and to see someone find their passion," said Girle. "It's tremendous."

the teen may be self-inspired, but he is not self-taught. From piano lessons to learning from Valley piano tech Jim Coleman, Albert even attends meetings of the piano technicians guild every week.