Charlotte city councilwoman compares police to terrorists in tweet

For the third time in eight months, Charlotte City council woman Lawana Mayfield has posted to social media with what many consider an inflammatory comment, and like before, Mayfield continues to stand by what she said.

Mayfield's Twitter post from two months ago is now gaining traction, and causing controversy. She was unapologetic about the tweet when FOX 46 Charlotte caught up with her Wednesday afternoon.

In the post, Mayfield provided commentary on the recent deadly involved shootings in this country, but she's receiving flack for using the term "terrorist" and "blue uniforms" in the same sentence.

"Yes, I wrote that," Mayfield openly told FOX 46.

"#45" was a reference to President Donald Trump. The tweet was written in March, in response to her thoughts on the deadly officer-involved shooting of an unarmed black man, Stephon Clark, in Sacramento. Some find this offensive to law enforcement.

The tweet came to light just as CMPD officers are putting pressure on city leaders to increase their pay.

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We caught up with the councilwoman as she was leaving a meeting, standing behind her post.

"That they find an opinion offensive. When you do the research how many black men and women have lost their lives or been assaulted then we can have this conversation," Mayfield said.

Toni W. agrees that she has a right to express her opinion.

"It does get funny when you're in a position of power sometimes that what you to be able to cater to both sides, but in her position, I feel if she feels strongly about it then she should speak up about it," Toni said.

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This past October, Mayfield compared President Trump to a dictator. That tweet read in part: "For all who read about Hitler you are now living how he reigned in #45."

In April of this year, she posted a status linking to an article pushing 9/11 conspiracy theories.

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Her social media posts sparked petitions online requesting her resignation and even some showing up in uptown to protest her seat on city council.

FOX 46 reached out to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, and the Fraternal Order of Police. They didn't provide us with any statement regarding the councilwoman's latest post.