Child Crisis Arizona unites families with children on National Adoption Day

After Candice Yoder's two sons got involved with Child Crisis Arizona, her 6-year-old child asked her a question.

"He said, 'Mom, dad, we have so much space in our house and in our hearts, can we bring one of these kids into our family?'" she said. "And then we knew, they're ready.:

It was the first step in their journey as a family to add a new member, 2-year-old Nicholas.

"He's got a really grateful heart, and we just want to help grow that in him," Yoder said.

CEO of Child Crisis Arizona, Torrie Taj says there's nothing better than pairing the perfect match of a child and family.

"Our hearts are full... get all the love that he needs," she said.

Nicholas will join his new family this Saturday, and he's not the only one. On National Adoption Day, 11 other families and children will be united.

"It's happened for the last several years... here in our community," Taj said.

When it comes to advice for anyone considering adoption, Candice has some words of wisdom.

"I would say go back to what my 6 year old said," she said. "If you have enough space in your heart and your home, you can be a family to them."