Child survives near drowning after uncle performed life-saving CPR

A 2-year-old girl is alive after nearly drowning in a backyard pool near 67th Avenue and Camelback Rd. Firefighters credit the girl being alive thanks to a family member's quick action.

The girl was transported to Phoenix Children's Hospital on Wednesday. She is still recovering, but the good news is she's breathing on her own and is expected to be okay. Her uncle is the one who performed the life-saving CPR and how he learned the skill may surprise you.

"It feels amazing honestly. I feel blessed that I was in the position to do it," said Carlo Griffin, who is overjoyed knowing his niece, Rachel, is okay. If it weren't for him, she might not be alive.

"I love her to death, so I just had to save my baby, you know... We actually have the same exact birthday and we have a real close connection, so it was just natural."

Griffin performed life saving CPR on the child after she fell into the family's backyard pool during a barbecue. He says there were several adults around, but somehow, Rachel's life jacket came undone and she fell in. It all happened so fast.

"I was in the back room with my son and I heard a lot of commotion. Everyone was screaming. There was a lot of panic."

When Griffin went outside and saw what was going on, he immediately started CPR.

"It's like I had tunnel vision. I didn't even see anyone else but her."

That CPR he learned how to perform by watching a YouTube video. He watched that video just four months ago.

"I'm glad I actually did that. I actually just ran into it. It was a 30 minute video and I just watched it and that's how I learned how to do it," he said. "In case I ever needed to use it and yesterday was one of those days."

There are plenty of resources out there to get CPR classes. The Red Cross offers training and certification. They also have a free app you can download with information on CPR and other items, such as first aid.