'Christmas Lee' says he is getting ready for a holiday lights display this year

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- You may have seen the holiday lights display before along 44th Street and Camelback. The homeowner has been doing it for 31 years, until the City of Phoenix said last year that complaints were coming in, and he was violating zoning restrictions.

This year, however, things have changed, and the lights will be back and ready for the upcoming holiday season.

The homeowner, Lee Sepanek, said he has two new permits for this year, and if the city of phoenix pulls a fast one on him with hidden fines, he and his attorney will be ready to fire back.

"My display is, number one, non religious, so every religion comes and it's an upbeat display," said Sepanek.

Last year, Sepanek said the city put a stop to his holiday tradition, saying the lights weren't allowed, and he couldn't give out hot chocolate and treats. Next week, Sepanek will begin putting the lights up, and if any problems arise, he and his attorney will be ready.

Sepanek says this will be his 32 year, and the display was never a problem until two people moved into the neighborhood a couple years ago.

"You either say I give up, or you just say I'm going to follow their rules, and beat them at their own game," said Sepanek.

FOX 10 spoke with a city official over the phone on Wednesday, who said they never told Sepanek he couldn't have his light display last year, and that the permits are a county issue.