City orders removal of stickers from Phoenix Fire trucks

The Phoenix Fire Department is peeling stickers off it's emergency vehicles after concerns over a union logo on the sticker that could violate state law.

At a first station near downtown Phoenix, FOX 10 was there as crews finished removing the stickers from the fire trucks this morning.

"The sticker has been on the trucks for at least the past 15 years that I can remember," said Captain Tom McCracken.

The stickers read "Our Family Helping Your Family," seemingly harmless right? A watchdog group pointed out that the sticker also contains the logo for the firefighters union; The International Association of Firefighters. That is why the city attorneys believe amounts to free advertising, and may violate Arizona laws.

"The guys think it is ridiculous, I think it is absolutely ridiculous... the guys are really disappointed that the stickers are coming off the truck and what they symbolize. But they are even more disappointed in the waste of taxpayer money being wasted to remove these stickers," said Capt. McCracken.

Overnight the union sent a letter to all of its members explaining the situation.

"Our opinion, honestly that is absurd... it is not just a message, it is something we believe and practice," said Steve Beuerlein with the United Phoenix Fire Fighters Association.