Clown controversy: Valley shop continues to sell masks, costumes

We've seen a lot of reports about creepy clown sightings around the country and now some costume shops are no longer selling clown costumes out of fear someone getting hurt -- but one popular shop in Phoenix is not following that trend.

Animals, zombies and skeletons -- there are plenty of Halloween costumes to choose from Easley's Fun Shop near 5th Avenue and McDowell Road, including clown costumes.

But some people are scared to see these costumes after reports of creepy clown sightings across the country. Some shops have decided to take down the clown costumes out of fear someone will get hurt. But not Easley's. The shop says clown costumes sell off the shelves every year.

"Every Halloween they want to be scary clowns, blood and gory, but it's something we sell every Halloween, not just this one," said Easley's Iris Tirado.

She says there are ways to make costumes like "Bubbles the Clown" look a little more friendly.

"This one can be very lovable, so instead of doing a scary mask with it, why not paint it and make it look nicer?"

Tirado, who works retail at the shop, says she hopes these creepy clown sightings do not ruin the fun for everyone.

"It's just sad for those who have this as a profession, so it's sad to hear that people are ruining it for them," she said.

So whether you're wearing a scary or silly costume this Halloween, just be sure to be safe and have fun.