Club Tattoos offering $50 Las Vegas-themed tattoos, with proceeds benefitting Victim's Fund

Club Tattoo is offering $50 Las Vegas-themed tattoos, in an effort to help benefit those who were injured in the Las Vegas mass shooting Sunday night.

"It's all about love Vegas, and try and remember Vegas in a positive light, and so, something good, that's what the whole thing is all about," said Sean Dowdell, Founder of Club Tattoo.

Dowdell got the idea to raise money through tattoos, from one of his artists.

"it's a way to bring something together and do something positive, instead of focusing on the negative crap that's out there, you know?" said Dowdell.

The tattoos, which is about the size of a half dollar, costs $50, and that money will end up helping the Las Vegas shooting victims, and their families.

"100% of proceeds will actually go to the Las Vegas victims fund, to help with funeral expenses and medical costs," said Dowdell.

The shop is flexible with the design.

"Anything basically that's Las Vegas-related, we are trying to tie in," said Dowdell. "If we haven't thought of it, bring it in and we will work with you."

The tattoo can be done at any of the 6 Club Tattoo locations, including the two shops in Las Vegas. The event goes until Monday.

"Just want to try and empower more people to do something positive for the community, and try to give back," said Dowdell.