Community Cares: Phoenix non-profit gets much-needed PPE thanks to city of Phoenix donation

Circle the City is a Phoenix-born non-profit that provides medical care to the homeless all over Maricopa County.

Thanks to a big donation from the city of Phoenix, the organization is now able to provide much-needed PPE during the pandemic.

Marty Hames is the Community Liason for Circle the City.

"It's Marty! How are you?"

She says the best part of her job is talking to clients.

"Our mission is to meet people where they are at."

Circle the City has handed out hygiene bags on a regular basis.

"Typically there is a bottle of water, bath supplies like hand wash, towelette."

The kits also contain items like socks and sunblock, and now personal protection equipment.

"Of course, right now, most importantly are the masks. We give a disposable facemask to everyone in these bags," Marty said. "And recently, the city of Phoenix has been giving us masks. So far we have received about 1,200 masks from the city of Phoenix."

"Well, when I went to Circle the City, I went there with a cough. The doctor came in and she said do I want to be tested for COVID-19. And I said sure, let's roll it out. I didn't think I had it. As it turned out, I had it, and so they quarantined me," said a man who used Circle the City's facilities.

COVID-19 tests are available at the Parsons Family Health Center as well as the outpatient clinic on the Phoenix campus.

"What we have found is the patients that we are working with have been really proactive in doing what they can to help protect themselves," Marty said.

Being able to offer that choice and that protection is what Marty says Circle the City is all about.

You can donate items and kits with Circle the City's touchless drop-off system or you can make a financial donation.