Company makes bulletproof backpacks to protect students during school shootings

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - As kids get ready to head back to school, many parents are busy buying school supplies. This year, you may see something that could surprise you. Bulletproof backpacks on store shelves. They're going mainstream, being sold at some major retailers.

Just the thought of it makes people uneasy. Erica Earl has been a teacher in the Valley for more than two decades and while she's seen a lot of changes, she doesn't think that anyone needs a bulletproof backpack.

"I mean, yeah, we do the drills and everything like that, but bulletproof backpacks? I think we've gone a little too far," Earl said.

Skyline USA is behind the Guard Dog backpacks that you can find at Valley Office Max and Office Depot locations and CEO Yasir Sheikh says he's not trying to make money on fear.

"The backpacks are designed to look good [and] feel food and implement into your daily carry, and also [to] have lifesaving protection," Shiekh said. "It's not about profiteering. Surely this line is not going to make us a publicly-traded company, I don't think so. But I think it's more so about creating a solution and addressing some of the concerns that consumers have today."

If you're planning on adding one of these backpacks to your school supplies list, get ready to set aside a lot of money. With all the bells and whistles, these backpacks can cost $175.