Concerns over coronavirus pandemic leading to increased stress and anxiety

Cancellations, fears, concerns and unknowns involving the COVID-19 coronavirus have led to a lot of stress and anxiety.

On Thursday, a Valley-based therapist spoke with FOX 10's Bailey Miller on how people can cope during this atmosphere.

Dr. Susan Schwartz, a psychologist in Paradise Valley, says many of her patients are questioning whether or not to cancel everything. The problem with this, however, is that it may feed into people’s panic even more.

Dr Schwartz is reminding her patients to stay connected with family members and friends via phone, text or email if they are afraid to meet in person.

"A lot of people pick up panic and can’t watch the news and get anxious and upset, so I talk to them about talking about it, sharing how they feel with other people and keeping in touch with people because people can get disconnected and isolated," said Dr. Schwartz.

Dr. Schwartz say the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is even changing her industry, with many patients or doctors requesting to see each other through FaceTime or via other video conferencing means. She says if people are felling panic, they should write down their thoughts, meditate and make sure to do self care.