Crews continue repairs after sinkhole swallows Phoenix bus

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While crews are busy fixing the line that caused this gaping hole, just feet away is Luis Salcido who's bored at work as he sits and waits.

"Since you've been at work not one person has come in and you think it's because of this?" FOX 10's Liz Kotalik asked.

"Yeah, I think it's for this," he said. "The streets are closed. The cars are dirty from the water."

This is what his auto lot looked like just yesterday when, right in front of him, a city bus got stuck inside a 70-foot sinkhole. It was a scene he watched unfold from beginning to end.

"The street was like a balloon when I saw that it broke and the water was filling up the hole and five seconds later, the bus was coming and he just went inside the hole," he said.

The whole thing lasted 15 seconds or less. There were no passengers onboard, but all of it started after the City of Phoenix says a 24-inch water line broke. The water gushed out and made it about 100 yards down the street.

About seven inches fill a now-puddled Rush Auto lot as workers sat inside watching it creep closer to their office.

"We were mainly just scared," David Garcia said. "We thought it would probably go inside the building."

It didn't and they're grateful there wasn't any damage to their cars. Just some cleanup at Luis' shop too, but for now, he waits as crews work to get everything back to normal.

The City of Phoenix says crews will continue to fix this throughout the weekend. Thirty-fifth Avenue is open, but you can expect Van Buren to be closed until about Monday.