Crews demolish Mesa Jr. High School

It's the end of an era in the east valley, Mesa Jr. High School is being torn down.

The district decided to close the aging school four years ago due to declining enrollment and costly repairs.

The school has been empty since 2012 when the district decided to close the aging school.

"I feel a little sad that my siblings aren't going to be able to come here, but I also feel pride for being the last of the best," said a student.

Now the school is being demolished, being torn down brick by brick, classroom by classroom. Walls that once saw thousands of students pass by are now just piles of rubble.

"Everybody just went right from Lowell School to Mesa Junior, and off to the old Mesa High," said Rob Taylor.

Taylor attended Mesa Jr. High in the 1960's, he returned to the school grounds to watch and remember.

"They weren't just a bunch of teachers that taught there, they were family they enjoyed being there, and they stayed there for years and years," he said.

The school grounds will eventually be made into a multi-use park including a playground, fitness station, and a youth challenge course. The project will cost $6.5 million. Half of the funding is being provided by federal grants.