DASHCAM: Motorcycle hits unsecured load on I-94 in Woodbury, Minn.

Dashcam video captured a motorcycle rider taking a terrifying tumble after hitting an unsecured load that fell from a boat being towed on Interstate 94 in Woodbury, Minnesota.

20-year-old Brendan Jankowski of Hudson, Wis. was heading home on June 18 when the floating foam pad, which was attached to the back of a boat being towed, dropped to the pavement unexpectedly.

"I didn't want to just swerve and possibly hit a car and get run over so I tried to get to the furthest part of the right of my lane," said Jankowski. "I checked to see if the [next] lane was clear, and you know the rest."

Linda Leverty captured the incident on her dash cam, later sharing the video on YouTube and Facebook. The video has since received more than 300,000 views.

Jankowski was wearing a helmet and motorcycle jacket when the object fell of the back of the boat. He says he just bought the jacket within an hour of the crash, and was saving up for the pants and gloves.

"I just bought the jacket that day thinking I'd come back next week and get the gear and have the full set," Jankowski said. "I happened to use the jacket I just bought to help save me quite a bit of pain."

State Patrol said the SUV did not stop at the scene and may have been unaware that they lost the item when the incident happened.

Jed Duncan with Riders Academy says they prepare students to encounter hazardous objects on the road much like Jankowski did.

"We run over them if they're small," he said. "If it's bigger or harder than that we teach you to swerve around it--but trying to figure out what to do in the moment of time, its hard to say."

Duncan said Jankowski responded appropriately in the split second he had.

"I'm not going to hindsight or Monday morning quarterback," Duncan said. "He was paying attention; he tried to get around that thing. The fact that he went to the right--usually you go to the right because there's no oncoming traffic that way."

According to the State Patrol, the SUV carrying the unsecured load has yet to be located.

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