Deadly crash in Tempe Town Lake; family speaks out

It's a tragedy that has shocked and saddened people from across the country; 25-year-old Danica Baxter, her husband, and three children were all killed when their SUV plunged into Tempe Town Lake.

Police believe Danica's husband, 27-year-old Glenn Baxter Jr. deliberately drove into the water. Now her family is speaking out with a message for all women.

Tempe Police say the case is a murder-suicide.

Royce Harris, Danica's cousin, says he was hoping to see her last Sunday.

"I was going to call her that morning to see if she wanted to go bowling with us," said Royce Harris.

But he never got a chance to see his cousin because Tempe Police believe Danica's husband drove the family SUV with them inside into Tempe Town Lake. Surveillance video shows the SUV just before it went over the edge killing the family of five.

"I knew something was up when I seen her, are you ok, you don't look ok, I saw behind her smile. It is so hard," said Harris.

Harris hopes police can unravel the mystery of what happened and why. He believes there is a message that comes out of this tragedy.

"I know you don't want to tell on your man, but sometimes the right thing is you do have to come forward and step up," said Harris.

The family has setup a account in the name of Danica Baxter. If you would like to donate visit: