DEBATE: Should pot revenue go to Arizona's public schools?

Should pot money go to Arizona's public schools? A new report by the nonpartisan Grand Canyon Institute claims that legalizing recreational marijuana would bring in $72 million per year in revenue by 2019. Proponents of legalization say that tax revenue from marijuana could go to education in Arizona, and a ballot measure would raise at least $40 million for the state's public schools.

Marijuana Policy Project communications director Mason Tvert said this morning on "Fox and Friends" that this measure could help the budget shortfall. But Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham argued that $72 million would build just one school in Arizona.

"It's one of these feel good statements where they wanna bring kids into it to try to make voters believe that it's gonna be a benefit more than a detriment to our environment and our economy and our people here in the state of Arizona," he said of the plan.

Tvert remarked that Graham has no problem with alcohol tax revenue going to schools, even though alcohol is a more addictive, harmful drug than marijuana.

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