Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg opens office in Phoenix

Michael Bloomberg, running for the Democratic nomination for president makes a stop in Phoenix Saturday as he opens a new field office in the valley.

Bloomberg announced his run for the party’s nomination in late November and visited Phoenix shortly after to file paperwork to get on Arizona's primary ballot.

Hundreds of Arizonans who went to the warehouse to hear what he had to say, focusing on education, healthcare and other issues facing the nation.

Arizona is a focus for his campaign, Bloomberg says.

"They think that my being here will turn out a lot of people who like the [idea] of improving schools, keeping minors and people with psychiatric problems or criminal records from buying guns and trying to get cost controls over health care that no one can afford, finding some ways to create jobs as technology seems to be destroying a lot of jobs," he explains.

Bloomberg is a self-made businessman and former mayor of New York City heading into the presidential campaign late in the game but, he says he's confident. 

"Look, I have done this stuff already, I have worked on education and public health and guns," he said.

Now, he's hopeful that he'll turn Arizona blue, putting a lot of his focus on Arizona.

"There's a lot of Trump supporters around the country, roughly 40%. But, that means that 60% [aren't] and I think I am the one who can beat Donald Trump. That's why he tweets against me because he knows I'm the one he can't push around," Bloomberg said. 

The presidential candidate says he will return to Arizona on the campaign trail.