Despite "rain or shine" vow, opening for World of Illumination cancelled

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One of the places getting hit pretty hard by stormy weather is Glendale, and despite vows by organizers the show will go on, rain or shine, plans to open "World of Illumination" in Glendale were put on hold.

Officials said while the stormy weather will not affect the light show, the opening ceremony, as planned for Wednesday, has been cancelled.

"World of Illumination" organizers said parts of the one-mile course are on dirt road, and with the rain, it has turned muddy, presenting a safety concern.

"So, the great thing is for the show, our technology all that stuff is great, but for the safety of our guests, we just want to make sure that everyone has the ultimate experience. So we’re going to postpone our opening for a couple of days," said co-founder Simon Kreisberger.

The drive-thru show is scheduled to be open until January 5. Organizers will announce plans for the opening ceremony at a later date.