Diane Douglas skips board meeting again; says her time is better spent elsewhere

Diane Douglas, the state school superintendent, skipped out on another meeting with the Board of Education. She told FOX 10 her time would be better spent elsewhere.

The board could not move forward on several policies including changes regarding high school equivalency programs, and proficiency tests because Douglas was not there.

FOX 10 found Douglas attending a "different board meeting" about why she continues to boycott the Board of Education.

The Board of Education makes school policy and spending decisions for Arizona's kids. The only person who decided to skip out was the Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas. Both the board and Douglas are suing each other as part of an ongoing dispute.

Board members repeatedly expressed their frustration. The last time Douglas attended a board meeting she accused the Board President of assaulting her. Douglas did choose to attend the State Board for Charter Schools meeting on the same day.

"Well good for her, my personal opinion is that this board sets policy for all educational access. I am a charter operator, but they're not the people making the decision for 1.1 million people in the state, this board does," said Greg Miller.

So why exactly did Douglas not attend the meeting?

"I had to prep for this because we have on October 1, I'm on every board that has to do with education, so it becomes a balancing act of looking at the business they're doing and where my time is best spent," said Douglas.

Is she avoiding the meetings because fo the feud with board members?

"It has nothing to do with the feud with the board, it has to do with the work the board is choosing to do, and we need to put our efforts in where it will make a real difference with the children of Arizona. As soon as they'd like to get to that work I'll be glad to be there," said Douglas.

FOX 10 asked Douglas if she didn't agree with the work the board was doing if she would not attend future meetings, but Douglas walked away from the interview without answering.

The board is moving forward with a lawsuit against Douglas. There is also an organized recall effort to recall Diane Douglas.