Dismissal of defamation suit denied - Alex Jones will have to give testimony soon

Lawyers were back in court on Thursday for another defamation lawsuit filed against Alex Jones.

Neil Heslin lost his son during the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012. According to court paperwork, his son sprinted at the gunman that day and told his classmates to run. He was shot and killed.

Neil Heslin spoke out shortly after, and said he held his son's lifeless body the day of the shooting. "Megyn Kelly on NBC did a piece with Heslin during that show he said I lost my son I buried my son and I held my son with a bullet hole through his head," Mark Bankston, Heslin's attorney says.

Two weeks later, Infowars had a broadcast where the host Owen Shroyer called Heslin a liar saying it was impossible for him to hold his son and see the bullet hole. This based on an interview from the coroner they allowed an Austin courtroom listen to on Thursday.

Shroyer also says the parents were never allowed to see their kids.

Bankston says, "We have testimony from the coroner that says that's absolutely not true."

Even though Alex Jones wasn't hosting Infowars the day these claims were made, Jones is still owner of Infowars LLC., and Free Speech LLC. Heslin's lawyers are going after them and Owen Shroyer.

Today, Heslin's lawyers asked the judge to grant them discovery. This is so they can take questions and testimony from Alex Jones. The judge granted that. "In a very short amount of time Alex Jones will be sworn in under oath, placed in a chair and must for the first time take questions under the force under the court of law about these events," Bankston says.

Bankston says despite the many suits filed against Jones, what was granted today means Jones will primarily be questioned about events relating to Heslin.

Defense lawyers say this was a set up job from day one.